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Knowledge through understanding

At VCU's Sociology department we believe that the goals of sociology, (originally known as the “science of society”), are strongly consistent with the objectives of the liberal-arts tradition. The sociological lens provides a powerful analytical tool for explaining, predicting, and understanding human behavior. Sociological insights can be applied to virtually every type of group setting, ranging from families, marriages, and small groups to institutions, organizations, and nations. Sociology is especially relevant for the analysis of the causes and consequences of social change in a global landscape.





  • Conduct Research and Analyze Data: Students learn both qualitative and quantitative research methods. These skills allow for the recognition of trends and patterns and produce social statistics such as those used in market research, opinion polling, sales and countless other applications.

  • Communicate Skillfully: Students learn how to convey complex ideas and arguments through writing, presentations and digital media.

  • Practice Critical Thinking: Through theory, writing and analysis, students learn to look beyond the surface of issues to discover the ‘why’. This process of investigation builds valuable analytical skills sought after by market researchers, policy analysts, government agencies, non-profit organizations and other institutions interested in understanding and solving complex social problems.

  • Gain Global Perspective: Nothing is more critical in the modern global economy than a demonstrable appreciation for and ability to work inside diverse cultures. Sociology, as a discipline concerned with understanding social difference, provides students with valuable skills useful in understanding groups and societies through a global and historical perspective.

  • Prepare for Graduate School: An undergraduate major in sociology provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in a wide range of fields including law, social work, medicine, public health, public administration and, of course, sociology (at VCU).

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